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Easing the Education to Employment Transition

Abd Elrahman Samir Al Jarash 
Create Your Chance – Matching of Idea-Owners & Idea-Seekers to Foster Entrepreneurship
Emad el Deen al Masri
Smooth Transition from Education to Labour Market
Reem Musa Jeibat
Employer Perception Survey – Crucial Monitoring Instrument of Employers Satisfaction
Hisham Alnasiri
Employment, Social Entrepreneurship and Youth Empowerment
Shams Amer AlBeshawi
Empowering youth to work after school in the Arab World and North Africa

Violence Prevention and Response

Mohammed Su’od Abd El Qader Al Mshalben
Research on Social Gender Disparities
Mabrukah Abdullah Mohammed
Social Impact of Discriminatory Language Addressing Women in Social Media
Nesma Mohammed Said ElSemai
Let’s Live” Initiative: Use of Media & Social Media for Voices of Women
Soufyan Saaoudi
“Audio Your Voice”: Online Platforms to Address Gender-Based Violence
Ola Abd El Ghafoor al Aghbari
Young People as Peacebuilders in Yemen
Nour Hemmami
Rehabilitation Support to War-Casualty Cases of Amputation and Paralysis
Zahraa Zuhiar Jasem
Mental Health and Psychosocial Services (MHPSS) for Children and Adolescents Affected by Conflict
Antria Spyridou
Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) in Syria and Jordan

Participatory Action Research

Abdalrhman Mostafa Mokhtar
Basic Life Support Knowledge of Medical Students: A Single Faculty Study in Egypt
Benan Ahmad Ibrahim Al Alawneh
Smoking in Males and Females
Malak Abd EL Jawad El Deeb
Behavioral Disorders in Children and Adolescents
Mays Fawaz Mohammed Al Zaatra
The impact of the fear of High School examinations in the Students (15-18) Years
Mohammed Bahaa ElDeen AlHafar
The prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder in children in Damascus and its relationship with the school level

Other Research

Yasmine El Hagry (Wataneya Society)
Rehabilitation and support for young people in institutions of care for independence and self-reliance
Khaled Zaarour
The role of social networking sites in prioritizing young people
Moayed Al Deen Omar Mahmoud Abo Amouneh
Short Film – History (Personal Production)
Raghad Medyan Al Rousan
‘Combining Art with Rights’

Youth Reporters

Ali Ahmad Matar 
Rawd Ali Dandashi
Youmna Mamdouh Ibrahim

Creative Expressions

Sara Isam Naser
Samer Isam Sa’ad
Raneem Mohmoud Mohammad
Mohamad Fisal Hanan

Second edition of the

“Evidence Symposium on Adolescents and Youth in MENA”

Solutions that Work!


Click on the photo for the Evidence Symposium 2017 website

The Evidence Symposium provides a forum for young people, policy makers, researchers, practitioners and donors to discuss the latest evidence on and effective solutions for the most pressing issues affecting adolescents and youth in the MENA region. The focus of the 2018 Evidence Symposium on Adolescents and Youth is Solutions that Work! Building on the evidence base established in the 2017, the second annual Symposium seeks to identify scaled and sustainable ways to address issues of school-to-work transition, engagement, gender and violence in MENA.

Through the systematic engagement of adolescents and youth in the conceptualization, implementation and review of the 2018 Evidence Symposium, young people will the opportunity to truly amplify their voices and ultimately shape the polices of their future.



To learn more on the 2018 Evidence Symposium click here.


Download our most recent version of the detailed agenda here