Engagement of Young People in the Symposium

To ensure systematic engagement of adolescents and youth throughout the Evidence Symposium, the ESAY 2018 has set three targets:

  1. One third of the ESAY 2018 participants will be adolescents and youth of which at least fifty per cent will be females and seventy per cent will be young people representing vulnerable groups.
  2. Young people will be systematically engaged in conceptualizing, implementing, monitoring and following up on recommendations of ESAY 2018.
  3. Voices of young people representing MENA adolescents and youth will be listened to and acted upon at the ESAY 2018.

The VOICES Group guides the systematic engagement of young people in the MENA 2018 Evidence Symposium on Adolescents and Youth. The VOICES Group will ensure meaningful participation of young people and ensure the issues, voices and solutions driven by young people are shared in the Symposium.

The VOICES Group is made of young people between the ages of 10 and 24 who are members of the MENA Regional Adolescent and Youth Advisory Majlis (RAYAM) and young researchers and solution makers who will be selected through the call for posters/research/solutions. While Adolescents and Youth Reporters will be selected through this call.

If you would like to join RAYAM or VOICES Group click here.  For more information, visit our FAQ page.