How to Participate


If you would like to contribute to or participate in ESAY 2018, we invite you to apply to one of our calls of interest!

For Adolescents and Youth (10-24): As a contributor, you will assist in generating evidence that will be used during the Symposium to shape the opinions and policies that affect young people all over the Middle East and North Africa.

  1. Adolescent and Youth Researchers – As an Adolescent and Youth Researcher you or your group will present a paper describing original results of empirical and experimental research. The papers in this category must cover one of the approved topics and be backed by sound methodology, analysis and findings.
  2. Adolescent and Youth Solution Makers – As a Solution Maker your paper describes your/your group’s youth-led action at the community level, addressing a key issue of the community identified through a research or a participatory process followed by action by yourself/your group with documented results and lessons learned.
  3. Poster/Video/Creative Means competition – Posters, Videos and other Creative formats will provide nuanced information describing emerging research or solutions that are being implemented by you. Submissions on approved topics can be presented as research or an adolescent and youth-led solution in various creative means.
  4. Adolescent and Youth Reporters – young people enthusiastic  about issues affecting them and their peers and committed and motivated to take part in this event to serve as Adolescent and Youth videographers / Reporters.

For Adults and Organizations: The Symposium Steering Committee invites academic professionals, private/public/not for profit/civil society organizations and other entities to submit work addressing key issues for Adolescents and Youth in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).   Interested applicants are encouraged to submit a paper showcasing new evidence on key issues for adolescents and youth in MENA. The submissions must meet peer reviewed quality standards and include an appropriate methodology, potential for impact, scalable or replicable evidence, and adhere to principles of ethical research.

  1. Researcher – As a Researcher you will provide an in-depth paper describing original results of your empirical and experimental research. Research must use concrete, relevant evidence that highlights new or existing issues of concern for young people. The papers in this category must be backed by sound analysis and robust evidence.
  2. Solution Makers – Solutions should be innovative and must be based on scientific criterion of effectiveness or applied solutions that have been measured for effectiveness during implementation.